The Early Birds

The Breakfast Club meets at Lady Di’s in the morning to eat breakfast and socialize.


The Breakfast Club having breakfast across the street at Lady Di’s.

by Alex Wilson, Social Media Manager

SCHS Breakfast Club started here about three years ago with Señora Laura Reese as a sponsor. When it was first starting out, the meetings weren’t as consistent, but this year they have held The Breakfast Club on the first Friday of every month. 

This is a great opportunity for people to come sit around and talk to their peers. 

“I love the idea of sitting around a table with other people because eating around a table, it’s not just the food part, it’s also the conversational piece and I love to sit around and learn about other kids,” Reese said.

The Breakfast Club meets at 6:00-6:10 a.m. across the street at Lady Di’s.

Even though it’s early in the morning and people are tired, everyone still has a great time.

“The Breakfast Club is a lot of fun because you’re kind of crazy… You wake up early in the morning and go get breakfast and you’re only half awake,” said Lily McEwen. “It’s always a good time.”

Dr. Jason Sefrit and Principal Jeff  Walker have also made a couple of appearances at The Breakfast Club. 

“My true favorite part is to interact with the kids,” said Walker. “You get to see students in a very different light that’s not school focused or oriented.”