Emily Wisdom

Working where business and education meet

by Ella Sulwer, Social Media Manager

Emily Wisdom joins the St. Charles High School staff this school year as the new finance secretary. She previously worked in St. Louis at The Charity CFO, which is a business that offers accounting skills to non profit organizations. She now continues her path with finance in her position with this school. 

“Before I came here, I was a non profit staff accountant,” Wisdom said. “So I worked with non profits all around the United States that needed non profit solutions.”

Even though she works in a school now, Wisdom thinks the two jobs definitely have very similar aspects. 

“In my day to day, it’s actually pretty similar. I have some obviously different roles between the two jobs, but I interacted with CEOs and helped them prepare budgets and do pretty much any accounting thing that they needed,” Wisdom said.

Her career first started with the knowing intent of working in business. 

“When I went to Florissant Valley Community College, I walked in and she asked me what my major was going to be and I just said business,” Wisdom said, “so then I started working in a bank and it just kind of evolved from there.”

The world of working in business and finance comes with its fair share of ups and downs, so it’s not exactly the perfect fit for everyone, but Wisdom feels it fits what she wants to do and that she has a good apprehension of it. 

“It just comes to me pretty naturally, so I understand it,” Wisdom said. “It’s not easy by any means, but it makes sense to me.” 

Outside of work she loves to spend time with her two dogs, Charlie and Hadley. 

“I have a Great Dane and Yorkie Pomeranian, so we spend a lot of time at dog parks and I like to read and watch movies,” Wisdom said.