Tall Girl Falls Short

Teen romcom doesn’t measure up with other romcoms


by Danny Schneider, Polls Editor

Netflix released a new rom-com called Tall Girl on Sept. 13, 2019, that shows a 6-foot-1-inch, 16-year-old girl’s struggles and problems in her day to day life of being a tall girl. Jodi Kreyman, played by Ava Michelle, does not think anyone will love her because she is taller than most of the guys at her school and she wants to date someone taller than herself. When a tall foreign exchange student from Sweden, Stig Mohlin, comes to Jodi’s school, she falls for him quickly. The only thing that is in her way is one of her best guy friends, Jack Dunkleman, who has liked her since they were little resulting in a confusing love triangle.

The different diverse characters make this movie so much better from Jodi’s best friend, Fareeda, an African-American girl, who defends anyone and thinks that everyone should just love themselves for who they are to Harper Kreyman, Jodi’s older sister who does pageants and is the comedic relief of the movie. Harper is by far my favorite character. The minor characters make a movie a good movie, and this one had a load of good ones. The only thing I wish was better is the plot.

The plot just reminds me of every other teen rom-com where the main characters take over all the screen time and the small characters that I liked, don’t get as much. I understand that they are the main characters of the movie, but let me see my girls, Harper and Fareeda.  The plot comes up short, but I think this movie makes up for it in the way they cast the characters. 

The cast has a lot of diversity which is great for a teen movie. Ava Michelle, the actress who plays Jodi Kreyman, isn’t the most known actress, but she did well in this movie even though it isn’t getting the best feedback and her storyline was just a basic teen movie girl who is taller than the average girl. I think Griffin Gluck, the actor that plays Jack Dunkleman and Luke Eisner, the actor that plays Stig Mohlin, both did great as the characters they were cast as, but the characters they played annoyed me most of the time.

Overall the movie turned out decent, it just could have stood out more by making the plot more relatable to all heights, body shapes, and sizes. There are some great Netflix teen romcoms that stand out so much more than this one.