The Amazon Has Caught Fire

The Amazon is burning at an alarming rate

It has come to recent light that the Amazon Rain Forest has been on fire for a long period of time. This has a major effect on all aspects of life and sustainability in the whole world. There are some theories circulating that it is too hot and dry so the fires are appearing by themselves or that higher government is starting the fires to create land to sell.

“I wish that it would be brought more to attention and that the powers that be in our government would push to end the fires and send relief because the people in charge in the country that the Rain forest is in, aren’t going to do that because they want to sell the land,”  theater teacher Courtney Denton said. “I wish there was more that we would do.” 

A lot of people feel that we are not doing everything we can to help put a stop to it. 

“I am so heated about this because whenever the Notre Dame [church] was catching fire, everyone was in tears and shambles and it was put out like in the next few days,” senior Jessica Rodriguez said. “Whenever the Amazon forest came out literally everyone was just posting about it, I feel like no one actually did anything.” 

Along with the fact that the Amazon Rain Forest is home to millions of organisms, it helps sustain our life as well. The Amazon is responsible for 20 percent of the oxygen in the world. With millions of acres burning, it’s not only affecting the organisms that live there, but the whole world.

“I think it has a global effect obviously on the environment and how critical the Amazon Rain Forest is to the balancing and sustaining you know the global ecosystem that we have” said Rodney Orrick.  “It plays a very large role in the laws of diversity and plant life, etc.”

Some people believe that it is not all just the governments’ fault, but the people who have a huge influence aren’t doing anything as well. 

“They said that they raised about $20 million or so but considering the budget for a usual Hollywood film is about 50 million,” said junior Addison Zamudio. “I think that we can probably pull a lot more out of the bucket to help because this is a huge problem”.

Some people believe that countries can have a huge impact on the Amazon Rain Forest if world leaders and people with a great influence stepped in and made a change.

“I certainly think that it’s a global issue that world leaders all over the world should come together and try and figure out” said Tanya Glennon.

The amazon on fire is especially alarming because it is only making global warming worse by putting all the carbon and pollutants in the air.

“The amount of pollution that the smog and ash will make from this is going to affect us for a long time. Not to mention that our ecosystem is already diminishing” Zamudio said.

The amazon on fire is especially devastating because it was helping sustain life even more because of global warming.

“ I wish that people would acknowledge that climate change and global warming are actual things,” said Denton. “And that they are detrimental if we don’t put a stop to it.”