Eddie Jordan

New para likes sports and travel


by Danny Schneider, Polls Editor

    New paraprofessional, Eddie Jordan, graduated from the University of Phoenix with a bachelors in business management and a masters in business administration. Traveling was something else he wanted to do. Then he also graduated from Capella University with a special education degree. 

   Jordan has many interests outside of school.

  “I like to travel, I like sports and I like going to church,” he said.

   Jordan has played five different sports, plus he has coached two of those.
“I’ve played football, I’ve coached football, I have run track and I’ve coached track, played basketball, and I was on a bowling team and also I played baseball,” Jordan said. 

  One of his other hobbies is traveling.

  He has visited a bunch of cities and states. 

 “Dallas, Oklahoma, Nashville, Chicago, Branson, Memphis, Iowa, Kansas City, Arkansas, Mississippi, Wisconsin, California, and Las Vegas,” he said. “Oh, I forgot Florida.” 

  He wants to go to other countries, but he hasn’t gotten there yet.