Katie Ashmann

New English teacher strives for increased student communication and morale


Katie Ashmann, SCHS’s Honors English 1, English 3, and Yearbook teacher, is relatively new to the education arena, as this is only her second year teaching. However, she’s attempting to make great strides in terms of student connection.

“This year I’m trying to focus on meeting and reaching as many students as possible,” Ashmann said, when asked about her goals for the year. “This is especially important to me as a new teacher in the building and as the new yearbook adviser, I want to make connections in the school community and create a yearbook with a wide representation.”

Receiving her bachelor’s in English and a Masters Degree in Education, she describes herself as active, empathetic, goofy, dedicated, and motivational, and she leads a very zestful lifestyle both in and out of the classroom.

“I love the outdoors,” Ashmann said. “I like to work out and go on hikes and run outside. I’m also very into music and I’m always looking to find new artists and go out and see concerts.”

However, education wasn’t always her calling. As a child, her dreams belonged on a catwalk.

“When I was younger,” Ashmann said, “I was very into fashion and magazines. I wanted to be a supermodel and walk the runway. Then I only grew to be 5 feet tall and my big dreams were crushed forever.”

When asked to give one piece of advice for incoming students, Ashmann said, “Oftentimes you can be your own worst enemy. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, but also don’t hide from your own potential. You each have amazing qualities and talents, find what that is and develop it.”