Nichole Brinkmann

Teacher’s classroom theme is be kind, and wants students to respect that


by Alija Ernst, Content Manager

Nichole Brinkmann, a former Pirate herself and a dedicated mother of two boys. She graduated from St. Charles High School in 2004, she then went to go to Fontbonne University and Grand Canyon University for her Master’s degree. She then found this position where she works as a Special Education teacher, she has been teaching for seven years and this is her first time being a teacher at St. Charles High School instead of being a student. 

“I decided to work here because since I graduated here, I thought it would be a fun idea to come back and teach where I went to high school at. I had a really great experience with awesome teachers and I thought it would be a really cool environment,” Brinkmann said. 

As she works, she is always known for respecting others and giving them nothing but kindness, even during the rough patches and the good ones.

“The theme of my classroom is to be kind. So, I think my ideal work environment is everyone respecting that. I recognize that everyone can have hard days and tough days. I am not going to say ‘where every student is working hard every time’ but instead ‘everyone is being kind to each other,’” Brinkmann said.

When Brinkmann isn’t working as a teacher, she is out of school focusing on her hobbies.

“I have two boys, so they definitely keep me busy, but we like to go camping. We also like to travel, take trips, go to the park, and I like to do crafts. But usually ally my boys, including my husband, take up a lot of my time,” Brinkmann said. “I also like to be outside just hanging out with the neighbors, I enjoy cooking, so when I get the time I like to cook. I also like to read when I get the time.”