Ashley Howard

Ashley Howard isn’t all business…

by Ella Sulwer, Social Media Manager

Graduate of Lindenwood University, business teacher Ashley Howard joined the St. Charles School District community as both a teacher at St. Charles High and St. Charles West. Teaching at both high schools affects her day-to-day life heavily. 

“I think it has influenced my life by being more patient with everybody in the world,” Howard said, “and students have to be patient with me, so the compassion and understanding between students and teachers has bled into the other parts of my life.”

Before teaching Howard planned on being a sports agent or working in sport laws, even getting her undergraduate degree in sports management, but later switched and got her masters in teaching. Even though Howard left the path of sports management behind for now, she still has a major love for supporting her leading teams.

“I am a big Cardinals, Blues and Mizzou football fan so I like to watch or go to as many games as possible,” Howard said.

Howard is not the only one in her family who loves sports. Her kids also enjoy going to games as well as playing in them.

“My 1-year-old son his first and pretty much only word right now is ball,” Howard said, “and he will sit and watch a whole baseball game. It’s crazy and he’ll just say ball… ball.. ball.”

Sports aren’t the only thing Howard and her family are fond of. Family trips to Disney World are  also one of their favorite things to do.

 “We really like going to Disney World, I’ve been to Disney World like eight times, my kids have all only been three,” Howard said. “I went to Disney growing up a lot and I really like now doing that with my family.”