Diving Straight to State

Bathe qualifies four years in a row

by Wilson Rosner, Staff Writer

With the first diving meet of the year, senior Sarah Bathe’s results came as no surprise. With the the success of the previous State diver’s past seasons, the start of her senior season began with a bang. In her first meet, Bathe scored a total of 288 points which automatically qualified her to State this year. Bathe only needed a score of 240 in order to have a spot at State.

“It was a good meet to kick off the season with, but there is always room for improvement,” Bathe said.

This great start will give Bathe a chance to work on her dives and not have to worry about qualifying anymore. She can spend the rest of the season improving and perfecting her form. Bathe has also qualified to State her previous three years at High, but was unable to dive at State her junior year due to an elbow injury.

“I think the rest of the season will go good as well, I’m hoping to get the State title,” Bathe said.