Online Shopping Craze

Cyber Monday deals have been becoming more and more popular

[Photo courtesy of Maialisa/]

by Caitlin Phillips, Staff Writer

A recent excitement around holiday season has been Cyber Monday. Most people know of this deal as well as Black Friday. Instead of deals in-store, these deals are online and just as huge.

“Cyber Monday deals are like every other commercial now,” senior Sarah Hartley said.

A lot of websites release emails to their frequent buyers in the hopes that they will take advantage. Some stores just continue their sales from Black Friday onto their websites.

“I bought a necklace on Amazon for my girlfriend, Sarah, on Cyber Monday,” senior Alex Battern said.

Amazon started a deal of called “Cyber Week”. Cyber week begins the Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and goes until the Sunday of that week. Everything that is usually on sale for Cyber Monday is put on sale for the entire week. Added to that, they had a “super sale” where they had 12 minutes of 88 percent off any item over $100. It gave people eyeballing something special the time to quickly buy.

Over the last few years, this day has become more and more popular amongst people as a whole. Sometimes the deals are a lot bigger than in store and it’s become a lot easier for people.