Christmas Season Everywhere

Main Street puts on events with characters to celebrate the Christmas holiday

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by Caitlin Phillips, Staff Writer

For over 40 years, Main Street has been filled with loud chatter and cheer around the Christmas season. Everyone gladly bundles up in coats to walk the streets and visits the shops. The events and decorations are for what they call the Christmas Traditions.

“My favorite part is the lights and the Christmas spirit,” senior Paul Johnson said.

In addition to the average people walking, many of the familiar faces of Christmas stand around and interact with passersby.

“I love the Fairy!” senior Sarah Burney said.

“My favorite is the Master of Revels,” Johnson said.

The characters not only talk to people, but they give out cards which are another event within itself. Many people of St. Charles collect these cards and make a point to walk around to every one of the characters to do so.

The events that transpire are the Tree Lighting Ceremony, the Santa Parade, the Land of Sweets Dance Party, Christmas Carol, Los Posadas, and many more. Each one includes the interaction of the guests and the characters of Christmas Traditions. The number of events is insane but provides fun things to do for families.

“I like just walking around and looking in the stores during this time,” Burney said.