Google Polls Pollute Student Inboxes

Multitude of classes using new medium to collect localized data

Google Polls Pollute Student Inboxes

by Justin Scofield, Webmaster

In the last year, several classes have become aware of and began using the Google Forms Survey Generator as a way to collect information from the student body for their class assignments. Some examples include the Newspaper and Yearbook Staff, Probability and Statistics, Galley, and more.

All the surveys come into each individual student’s google email account. With such a large influx of students using these polls from different classes it can be overwhelming on one’s inbox.

“If I get one more survey in my email I’m gonna flip,” senior Kamryn Creley said. “There’s just way too many.”

While Google Forms is a useful tool, many of these classes seem to have overused it in favor of actually talking to these students to collect data. It may be fast, but the flaws include that only the same few people are responding to the surveys causing little diversity in the answers.