SAMS is not a sham

SAMS students share their insight on what it’s like to be a tutor.

by Maddi Thornton, Staff Writer

Being a teacher can be hard, but being a tutor can be difficult as well for some. Some SAMS students aren’t able to gain the respect of the students that they try to help.

“I think it’s because they don´t think highly of people their same age,” senior Taryn McLeroy said.

Altought lack of respect is a difficult factor to overcome, many in the SAMS program seem to think that it is beneficial for everyone.

“I´ve been told by my teacher that I´ve been helping,” McLeroy said.

While Zimmer may not have been told by a teacher that she has been helping with the art class when she tutors, she sees improvement over time.

“I like knowing that I’m helping people learn in a subject i’m passionate about,” senior Michele Zimmer said.

Knowing that you are helping other people is one good thing about the SAMS program, But there is also many other factors along with that.

¨It’s so satisfying knowing you can help to teach a student in a way that a teacher might not be able to.¨ Zimmer said.