Prey on Black Friday

Retail workers feel like they are prey to black friday shoppers

by Maddi Thornton, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for the things and people you have in your life, but retail workers are just thankful for not having to work the day after. Black Friday is a dreaded day for retail workers all over, and for seniors Alex Everett and Michele Zimmer it is a living nightmare, which can lead some to feel slightly upset.

“I’m a little salty, but I need the money,” Everett said.

Working on black Friday might not be someone’s ideal friday night, but the safety of others and workers is also at stake.

With working at Gordman’s, Zimmer is afraid of the possible injuries that may occur from crazed shoppers.

“They have hired one security guard and I know where the first aid kit is,“ Zimmer said.

While Gordman´s may not be as concerned with violent people on this day, Walmart has taken more extensive measures.

´Theyĺl have cops there, Walmart has security thank God…they train extensively, most of the training is safety. Like how to keep you and the customers safe,¨ Everett said.

Although there are many people who make jokes about Black Friday shopping, and though it is possible for people to get hurt going shopping on Black Friday there is one thing that Zimmer would like to say on behalf of retail workers, ¨be nice to those people, they don’t wanna be there.´´