Holiday Cheer Draws Near

SCHS student body’s mixed emotions about holiday season


Coutresy of David Dehetre

Country Club Plaza Kansas City at Christmas Time

by Maddi Thornton, Staff Writer

‘Tis the season for putting out Christmas decorations at a time that seems premature to some, and the SCHS student body has a lot to say about it.

“I think it’s bull, it can wait ‘til at least black Friday,” junior Christine Thieret said.

While Thieret would rather people just control their excitement, junior Chloe Leuke is mourning the loss of the thanksgiving season.

“Thanksgiving is a holiday too and I think we should not have Christmas items until after thanksgiving,” Leuke said.

But past all of the people wishing that Christmas would wait it’s turn patiently, other people are practically leaping with joy.

“I’m so excited…I hear that my family’s wanting to give me lots of presents, I may not get a lot of present but I can at least have quality time with my family and I consider that more important,” junior Cody Flanagan said.

To Flanagan, the time he spends with his family is worth more than the presents that he gets, those are just a bonus to him.

But to junior Ellie Miguel, she is more into the symbolic parts of the holiday season.

“It makes me really happy,” Miguel said. To her, the happiness is accompanied by a ‘warm’ feeling due to the happiness that typically accompanies such a jolly season.