More Than Just Chicken

University Commons adds Raising Cane’s restaurant to their strip


Caitlin Phillips

Raising Cane’s added to University Commons.

by Caitlin Phillips, Staff Writer

Many people have had Raising Cane’s, whether it was in the Mid Rivers mall location or out in Cottleville. Adding to the new buildings in the area, such as MOD Pizza and Potbelly, the University Commons has added Raising Cane’s to the mix.

“It’s really nice to know that it’s there and it’s close,” junior Zac Snyder said.

The restaurant is unique because their meals are all centered around chicken strips, where most chicken restaurants offer sandwiches as well. In addition to chicken, customers are given a piece of toast, their secret sauce and coleslaw. All of these are fresh made and unique to Cane’s.

“I really like their sauce. It’s hard to explain, but it’s really good,” senior Sarah Burney said.

The placement of this new Cane’s building has also been a major benefit to St. Charles High. The company donated the meal for the most recent band competition on Saturday, Oct 22.

“We always eat before a competition and Cane’s donated enough to chicken to feed us,” senior Paul Johnson said.

“It was enough for about three pieces of chicken per person,” senior Kara Stahlschmidt said.

Raising Cane’s was started by a guy, Todd Graves, who had everyone tell him that he could not create his own business. It took hard work to raise enough money for his dream. Since their humble beginnings, the founder and company of Cane’s as a whole have made sure to ensure their community is clean and fun while being filled with good quality food. They have continued that commitment by giving back to all the communities they are involved in, including our own and our band.