Quit Clowning Around

False threats made by ‘Creepy Clowns’ over social media raises alarm


D. Begley

This group of scary clowns stands around with chainsaws. Despite recent rumors, this is not occurring in St. Charles.

by Julia Scofield, Managing Editor

There have been several reports across the United States of individuals dressed up in clown costumes going around, terrorizing the public.

“I’m more scared when I’m outside by myself in the dark,” senior Tayonnie Granberry said, “that’s when I’m really paranoid about them.”

With clown related incidents trending on social media, many people have begun creating clown-based Facebook accounts.

“It’s kinda messed up,” junior Chloe Lueke said, “people are putting fear into others by messaging them as the clowns, but nothing happens and these kids are now scared to go outside and enjoy the nice weather.”

Sophomore Holly Huffman said she had a person message her through Facebook by the name of Klowny McKlown.

“He messaged me and asked if I wanted to play and I said ‘no,’ then he told me to go outside and he named my Jeeps and their colors,” Huffman said. “I got scared, so I blocked him.”

Violent clown threats were made to Lafayette High School on Friday, Sept. 30.

“There was a threat made through social media that they were going to come and kill a teacher, that never happened.” Resource Officer Mike Shipley said. “They had extra police there that day.”

There have been no clown-related reports or cases in St. Charles County.

“There hasn’t been any abducted children or any assaults, related to clowns, in our area,” Shipley said.