Broadway Night More Than Alright

2016 performance called ‘one of the best ones yet’

by Maddi Thornton, Staff Writer

On Oct. 8 the Broadway Night performance was a grand slam according to choir teachers and members.

“I’m very proud  of how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time,” Madrigal Choir member Destiny Nezam said.

Madrigal choir member Jared Budde feels the same way as Nezam in this sense.

“It was very well organized and fun,” Budde said.

Nezam and Budde have participated in it every year during their high school career. And out of all of the Broadway Nights during his high school career, Budde calls this one “the best one yet.”

Although the people who participated in Broadway night are proud of their overall performance, they did tend to favor some songs more than others.

”My favorite song to sing was ‘Rock of Ages’ because I really liked the costumes we wore for it,” Nezam said.

While some people may have preferred one over the other, some people had many favorites.

”My favorite songs about the Broadway Night [are] ‘Rock of Ages’, ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’ from High School Musical, ‘the telephone hour’, ‘and get on your feet’,” Little said.

Although choir teacher Courtney Gibson tended to appreciate one number over the other based on the quality of the performance.

“I think our opening number was my favorite and that was Rock of Ages,” Gibson said.

(Pictures taken by: Shelby Arnold)

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