A Run Around the Park

Cross Country runs a new muddy course

by Adelaide Hill, Staff Writer

The Cross Country team went to Six Flags to a meet on Saturday, Sept. 17, to run a new course. After running a 5K outside the park, they got to go inside the amusement park for a long day of fun. After multiple fundraisers over the summer, Cross Country had enough to go to Six Flags.

“The ground was like a swamp,” junior runner Kyle Kitzmann said. He came in 43rd place with a time of 22:08. The team had to leave the school at 7 a.m. to get to Six Flags in time to run. After running everyone left to visit Six Flags at about 11:00 a.m.

It definitely was very hard for the runners especially running up hill. Because of the mud, the ground was flooded with water.

“I probably would of liked it a lot more if it wasn’t muddy,” Kitzmann said.

Jordin Stern, a junior on JV Cross Country who came in 90th place with a time of 29:58,  adored the Six Flags meet.

“I loved it, it was something different, and the weather was perfect,” Stern said.

Although the weather was perfect, the mud was a nightmare.

“People ended the race with no shoes or socks from running through the mud. Luckily I walked the course before running it, found all the mud pits so I wasn’t as muddy as others,” Stern said.

After all the running through the mud, Stern was still able to complete her goals.

“My favorite part was that I was able to beat my goal which was to pass up one of my teammates,” Stern said.

Senior Captain Wilson Rosner, who came in 10th place with a time of 18:24, thought that running the new course was a positive experience, except the conditions.  

“It was fine, but it was really muddy and got worse as the day went on,” Rosner said.