Latin Dance Clubs’ Beginnings

Senor Montenegro leads new ethnic based dance routines


Senor Montenegro, Adviser for Latin Dance Club teaches students in Spanish class.

In the beginning of September, Spanish teacher Edgar Montenegro worked with sophomore Anelis Ortiz-Garcia to organize the school’s new Latin Dance Club. The point of the club is to learn to dance like in Latin-speaking countries.

“Many of my students are from other countries and like similar music,” Montenegro said. “They want to learn what real Latin American people are dancing and listening to.”

The club has had 19 attendees so far, but they expect to have many more. They learn different dances such as Salsa and Bachata together as a group and then go on to perform routines with partners.

“I’m most excited about seeing the improvement everyone has gotten so far. We had more people than we expected,Ortiz-Garcia said.

They plan on later performing during an assembly. They will paint their faces like the flags of their heritage and dress in cultural attire.