Substitute Scramble

Multiple subs cycle through Teague’s class


Wilson Rosner

College Comp substitute, DeGeer, helps students while working on their papers.

by Wilson Rosner, Staff Writer

The start of the 2016 school year has gotten off to a bit of a slow start for the College Comp classes because the class has already had three separate substitutes within the first month of school. The teacher who runs the class, Leslie Teague, is on maternity leave for the beginning of the year. Since Teague is on leave, the school had a permanent substitute working to teach the class.

The substitute was supposed to fill the position until Teague’s return from her leave, however due to personal complications the sub also had to leave the position. A temporary sub then filled in for a week until another permanent sub was able to teach the class. The new teacher, Angelica DeGeer, will fill the position until Teague is able to return to the school. Because of the many subs, some students have found it hard to get going with the class and there have been a few miscommunications on what the students are supposed to be doing workwise.

“I think it was kinda hard to get going when we had a new teacher every few days,” senior Brad Earlewine said.

Some students however have no trouble at all with the substitutes and have gotten everything they needed to turn in done on time.

“It’s been different trying to adapt to each sub’s teaching style but overall we haven’t really gotten behind,” senior Noah Escobar said. “I think everyone’s done a good job of still doing their work and getting it done on time.”

Teague is expected to return to school soon and hopefully go back to running the class smoothly.

“I think the majority of kids are finally on top of things and I hope we can continue to move on through the class successfully,” DeGeer said.