Filled with Glee

New club for people interested in music


Caitlin Phillips

courtesy of Jacob Welch

by Caitlin Phillips, Staff Writer

There is now a club for the kids who love to sing. Junior Jacob Welch had a vision of a place where the participants could be themselves and learn to sing, so he started the club.


“I want to go into music. So it’s a good experience towards that and an opportunity for fun,” Welch said, with a bright smile. “Anyone who likes to sing or would like to improve should definitely join.”


During meetings, Glee Club will sing and plan for performances. They plan to go carolling over Christmas break, hold concerts in the auditorium and have other performances around St. Charles. The group will meet on Tuesdays.


Senior Destiny Nezam is one of the club officials that will be assisting Welch in running the club and orchestrating meetings or performances. She is very excited for the club.


“It is something that St. Charles High has never done, so it is going to be fun,” Nezam said.


There are signup sheets all over the building that are nearly full of all the interested students. Glee Club will give more opportunities for people with hobbies or aspirations for careers in the arts.