Theater’s New Teacher

Denton mixes StarWars and teaching


Adelaide Hill

Courtney LaChance-Denton teaches theater

by Adelaide Hill, Staff Writer

When students walk into new theater teacher Courtney LaChance-Denton’s classroom they’ll notice one thing immediately, “Star Wars.” Denton has such a strong love for “Star Wars” to the point one of her son’s is named Luke because her husband wanted to be able to say “Luke, I am your father.” She also has a dog named Leia, just like Princess Leia.

Denton (students call her Mrs. Denton) has always had teacher qualities. She was a tutor in high school, but actually wanted to be on Broadway. People would always tell her she should be a teacher but she always disagreed. Denton says she always secretly had a “natural wanting” to be a teacher.

Denton has been teaching for four years after getting her undergraduate at Rockhurst University and getting her Masters at Lindenwood University. She is currently working on getting her Education Specialist degree. Denton has also taught English and creative writing at Clyde C. Miller Career Academy in St. Louis and at a school in Perryville, Missouri. Here Denton also teaches debate and a leadership class.

When Denton first found out she had gotten this job she was so excited and ready to meet her students. She knew right away she wanted to work in the St. Charles School District. “I saw the job and I was like ‘I want that job,’” Denton said.

Denton has many hobbies including camping, bowling, reading, traveling and spending time with her family. She also plays beep ball which is basically blind baseball. “It’s awesome,” she said. She plays on a team called the Crushers.