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Communication, Collaboration, and Culture

The volleyball teams implement a new strategy to build togetherness
Teammates welcome their starting lineup to the court before the game starts

This year the volleyball team has a new way to bond and improve their scores. All three of their teams are using this new method, and it’s proving to work well for them. Their coach, Sadie Kosciuk, calls it the three C’s. This stands for Communication, Collaboration, and Culture on and off the court. The players also seem to like it, and have made it a welcome addition to their season.

“I really like it because it helps us focus on what our program really stands for and it kinda unites all three teams together because we have a common goal to maintain our three c’s,” senior Lorelei Oetting said.

The first C is communication. The team uses communication all the time, from talking to each other on the court, to talking to each other outside of school as well as talking to coaches. The team focuses on making sure everyone is okay and on the same page during practice, school, games, and everyday life. 

Varsity celebrates

“[I like] Communication, because I’m so loud and I’m very vocal so I think communication is probably my favorite,” senior Emma Jefferson said.

Next up is Collaboration. Collaboration goes hand in hand with communication, because if there is no communication, there’s no collaboration either. It helps them understand what’s going on during fast paced games and tournaments and keeps them calm and collected.

“Collaboration is making sure that we are working together at all times and making sure we act as one, not as separate individuals so making sure that we take our time, we do our drill correctly in the game, we work together and we find the pieces and put them back together.” Kosciuk said, “Little things like that are collaborations.”

Lastly, there’s culture. Culture also is linked directly to the other two C’s, because the team has to collaborate and communicate and make sure they set a good example to the rest of the school, acting as a team inside and outside of practice. 

“I like culture, because I really like including our freshmen and underclassmen and making sure they feel welcome and then how we present ourselves at school, I think it’s very important,” Oetting said. 

The team has happily accepted it into their practices and games, and Kosciuk hopes they’ll keep these life lessons even after they graduate, and most likely will continue to use this strategy as the years go by. 

“I think it helps, it definitely has made us more collaborative and talking more, I definitely think it adds a different element to the program that wasn’t there before,” Jefferson said. 

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  • Varsity cheers their players on from the bench

  • Rosemary Kuegele hits the ball

  • Riley Derrington and Rose Richart block North Point

  • Lilly Bott goes in for a spike

  • Riley Derrington hits the ball over the net

  • Emma Jefferson prepares to serve the ball

  • Emma Jefferson hits the ball to her teammates

  • Jenna Hollrah pays close attention to the game

  • Renata Restrepo waits for the game to continue

  • Lilly Bott serves the ball

  • JV celebrates a good block

  • Lizzie McLain hits the ball

  • Lizzie McLain hides the server

  • Violet Lewis prepares to hit the ball back over the net

  • Cossette Gustafason jumps to block the ball

  • Violet Lewis helps her teammate with blocking

  • Volleyball players stand ready to hit the ball

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