‘Hey- Wanna Join My Gang?’ A Club Fair for Eighth Graders

Remember how it was like to be in eighth grade, searching for new hobbies and clubs? This year, SCHS made it easier for eighth graders to find their future passions.


by Madeline Kratzer, Staff Writer

Any students in clubs, sports and performing arts can understand that at times, it can be difficult to obtain new members, especially with how many diverse interests students have. At the beginning of the school year, there was a club fair for the school, but on April 17 there was a special club fair for everybody’s favorite future freshmen — eighth graders. Located in the main gym, the goal of the club fair was to of course advertise organizations within the school, but also educate the eighth graders on how they work.

“I thought it was very important so that eighth graders understand what to expect, how to get in contact with coaches or sponsors or directors of performing arts,” Activities Director Ben Owens said.

“I thought it was very important so that eighth graders understand what to expect

— Activities Director Ben Owens

After the eighth graders were taught the basics of club life, they were released into the gym, where clubs were creatively advertising themselves with stands. DECA and FBLA opted to advertise their achievements.

“We made sure to use good signage, and brochures for DECA and a trophy, so the eighth graders would know what we’re about,” DECA sponsor Judith Simmons, who was also running the FBLA stand said.. “FBLA had a poster with details about FBLA.”

While some clubs showcased trophies, other clubs showcased medical equipment.

“We wanted to encourage people to learn about our club and we wanted to make like a sign with things representing what the club is about, so HOSA is about working in the medical field and STEM, so we added a heart and a stethoscope on our poster so it made us more obvious about what our club was about,” HOSA member Odessa Burlis said.”We also used candy as an incentive.”

Some organizations, like athletics, showcased their sport.

“We always like to show Smash,” Esports sponsor Tori Ramsey said. Esports also advertised their new “summer optional sessions” for Esports.

Last year, the attendance of eighth graders was between “40 to 50 percent” according to Owens. This year, there was a lesser attendance, which made it harder for clubs to advertise.

“DECA is specialized because you have to know that you have an interest in joining it, unlike sports,” Simmons said.

HOSA also found it difficult to direct the eighth graders away from the sports tables.

“A lot of people went to see the sports and only two people really signed up,” Burlis said.

However, other clubs think that eighth graders give unique opportunities for club sponsors.

“Eighth graders are more concerned about ending up with people they know,” Ramsey said, “high schoolers pretty much know what they’re going to do or what they’re interested in, so it’s easier to get eighth graders.”

In the end, the eighth graders who attended the club fair are left with ideas of performing arts, sports and clubs that they want to join, and are left with more knowledge of St. Charles High School than they began with.


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  • Odessa Burlis runs the HOSA stand

  • Band demonstrates their many achievements to the eight graders

  • Our mascot, Clyde, walks around spreading SCHS spirit

  • The club fair took place in the main gym

  • A hawk’s eye view of the entire club fair

  • Boy’s Basketball advertises their jerseys to the eight graders

  • DECA demonstrates their success by showing a trophy

  • Judith Simmons runs the DECA and FBLA stands

  • Esports demonstrates their gaming skills to the impressionable minds of the eight graders

  • Choir and Musical dazzles the eight graders with a colorful poster

  • Creative Writing Club made a haiku contest for the eight graders

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