Dancing to State

The dance line team went to state and held their Variety Show this year


Dance line poses with their trophies and certificates.

by Victoria Reinbold, Social Media Manager

The St. Charles High School Dance line team has gone to state several times in the past. This year they went to the MDTA State Competition again, held in Kansas City, MO. on Feb. 27. This time around the team faced many challenges, yet managed to wrangle third place in division 3 lyrical, and fifth place in division 3 mix.

 An issue that arose while at state was the number of team members. The team was at risk of being disqualified for having a smaller than allowed number of members. Coach Tara Higgins managed to control the situation, and the team was allowed to compete but had 15 points docked from their final scores. 

Well I mean obviously we were all very upset that they wanted to disqualify us. But I think we were all happy that we did our best,

— Marissa Sipe

Captain of the team Marissa Sipe said that, “Well I mean obviously we were all very upset that they wanted to disqualify us. But I think we were all happy that we did our best, like that was the best we’ve ever done before and I think that really overpowered the moment of being disappointed.” 

The team also held their annual Variety Showcase on March 16. The Variety Show is the final dance the team performs each year. The Variety show also hosts other local performers from around the area, as well as around the school. 

This year the variety show had several partner dances, as well as multiple dances from the dance line. The cheer team performed this year as well. The show was short on people this year due to people going on trips and the band going on a trip as well, Sipe said.

For first time danceline member Senior Aija Cohen-Davis, her emotions were rather conflicted about going to state.

“I, at first, didn’t want to go at all, and then I did this lyrical dance…I was feeling so much emotion, and by the end of it, it was probably one of the best dance experiences I’ve ever had,” Cohen said. 

Cohen’s thoughts about the Variety show were, “It went well, it was a lot more casual than I thought it was going to be so I enjoyed that. Saying a Semi-Official goodbye to the team was rough though.” 

The danceline team says they are looking forward to next year as well

“We are trying to get a JV team set up, and next year we’re going to nationals so I’m really excited for that,” Co Captain Ellie Gibbs said. 

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