Basketball Seniors Finish Their Season

Senior basketball members reflect on their favorite memories from playing.

by Piper Ruebling, Online Editor

Logan Brown

Nik Pugh

228 points scored this season, 29 assists

“My favorite memory would probably be when we beat the undefeated Borgia team and everybody played a good part in that game. We won the Washington tournament.”




Riley Derrington


Peyton Birkenmeyer

51 points this season, 50 rebounds

“My favorite was sophomore year when I went coast to coast and made the game-winning layup to beat West.”




Logan Brown

Blake Wiggs

215 points this season, 79 rebounds

“My favorite memory was throwing out the first play in the second game against St. Charles West, when we threw the oop and Eli dunked on Kyle Quinn.”




Riley Derrington


Maddie Jackson

109 points this season, 58 rebounds

“My favorite memory is beating West twice.”




Logan Brown


Martin Murphy

7 points this season, 25% 3-pointer average

“My favorite memory was beating Borgia and the bus rides.”





Riley Derrington


Taylor Birkenmeyer

10 rebounds this season, 5 steals

“My favorite basketball memory was junior year when I slide tackled a girl.”






Logan Brown


Toby Goodwin

26 points this season, 22 steals

My favorite memory was probably halftime at a Duchesne game and Blake and I were yelling at the team a little bit and it was pretty funny, but we won the game after that.”




Riley Derrington



Ashleigh Reed

216 points this season, 88 rebounds

“My favorite memory was beating West at the Turkey Bowl my senior year.”




Logan Brown


Elijah Leech

362 points this season, 122 rebounds

“My favorite moment from basketball was winning the Washington tournament. We were the underdogs going into that and people counted us out and that’s a win, and beating Borgia was pretty nice.”





Riley Derrington

Alyssa Birkenmeyer

29 points, 75 rebounds

“My favorite memory was junior year when I got passed the ball on the perimeter and I threw the ball up and ended up making it through right as the halftime bell went off and the game got canceled by a tornado.”




Logan Brown



J’sean Dumas

44 points this season, 16 steals

“My favorite memory is when he [Eli] caught the oop against St Charles West to get over Kyle Quinn.”






Aly Miller

8 rebounds this season

“My favorite memory was before most games me, Taylor, Peyton, and Alyssa would all take a picture together in the locker room in our jerseys and it was just a fun way to go into a game”