Girls JV Wonder Woman’s Wrestling Tournament

JV Girls wrestling first ever Wonder Woman Tournament

by Lillian Barton, Staff Writer

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Saturday, Feb. 4 for the first time ever at St. Charles High School the JV girls wrestling team hosted a wonder woman tournament. 

Kevin Dill, the boys wrestling coach, is good friends with the director of the varsity tournament.

 “We were talking and we wanted to get more lower level, first year wrestling JV level matches for the girls,” Dill said. 

Cecile Puati took First, Syria Bell took Fourth, and Caitlyn McCoy took Third. There were about 20 schools from around the state. 

“I think It definitely builds a lot of mental power and motivation like it really helps with that cause you really have to push yourself,” McCoy said. She got third place for weight class 155. There are usually about 16 people in a bracket, and they were elimination rounds so once wrestlers lost two matches, they got eliminated. 

“We had a good turnout, which is good for us because we’re really young as a team. I loved it. I thought it was great. It was great to get girls that are new to the sport and go up against girls who have been wrestling for 4+ years. There’s not a JV category yet, so to have the tournament for them was good,” Girls Wrestling Coach Ryan Hanmore said. 

The tournament was successful and SCHS plans to do another next year.