Oh No! I Missed School Work!

The Front of St. Charles High School through the eyes of the students
How students at St. Charles High School make up their missing work
December 18, 2020

Now that half of the kids in St. Charles High School is virtual the more missing work issues have surfaced. Many parents and even other kids wonder how these students make up work in an efficient way.  Three...

What it’s like being quarantined

What it's like being quarantined
Opinion of the students sent home to quarantine for 14 days at St. Charles High School
November 30, 2020

Kids at St.Charles High School are being sent home to quarantine for 2 weeks because they have been in contact with someone infected by COVID. Some are getting tested and others are not. Not all students...

Restrictions Loosened for Homecoming

Students sitting on the end zone by score board.
Students witness football game win by St. Charles High
October 12, 2020

Students got to attend a chilly night for a football game at St. Charles High School on Oct. 2 at 7 pm. School staff had set up a vouchers limit for students who wanted to go to the game. People who wanted...

The Secrets Below

Trash next to a parking lot.
This world is falling apart, and Key Club is helping
September 30, 2020

Since 1970 we have been recycling, but it hasn’t yet made a huge difference. Key Club at St, Charles High School felt recycling needed to be taken in their own hands. Key Club has made a stand at...

Substitute Change

Substitute Change
Started off as a sub and made her way to the top
September 30, 2020

Grace Tovar is a new teacher at St Charles High School. This is her first year of teaching, before this she was a long term substitute for a year. She is a FACS and Housing/Interior Design teacher. “My...

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