Finals Exemption Fiesta

A Quesadilla of Guidelines and Requirements

by Alec Gray, Staff Writer

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On May 5 exemption forms will be due for the next round of annual second semester Final Exams. Exemption guidelines and requirements were stated in a document sent by principal Jeff Walker in a mass email to students.

The requirements are as follows: Students must have the permission of their teacher, have completed a finals exemption form, have an “A” or above in their classes they’ve chosen to exempt, have a 96 percent or above cumulative attendance from October 31 to the end of the year INCLUDING FINALS (exemptions will not lower this percentage), have no fines due at the Finance Office, have no more than two detentions, and have no instances of ISS, OSS, or Saturday Campus assigned to them in the past, present, or future.

Students must also have no classes with a less than 65 percent (F) grade to leave campus during exempted finals.


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Finals Exemption Fiesta