The Fire Isn’t Dire

Lewis and Clark's restaurant undergoes construction after kitchen fire

by Maddi Thornton, Staff Writer

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Many are aware of the fire that occurred at Lewis and Clark’s restaurant in early March around 12:30 a.m. But not many know of much about how the business is functioning afterwards.

“No one quit because they’re paying us,” sophomore Aaron Stone said.

Without a break in payment, Stone does not find a need to quit nor does he find the need to find another job.

“I’m out of work and I’m still getting paid,” Stone said.

The main reason for payment without attending work is due to the need for staff after they plan to reopen in a month.

“Dan, the owner, wanted us to stay because the insurance covered paying for the staff,” Stone said.

Although the fire was once under investigation, it turns out that it seems to be just an accident according to Stone.

“I heard it was just a kitchen fire. I think one of the cooks just left a burner on,” Stone said.

The damages to the Lewis and Clark’s restaurant may not have been extremely severe, but they were enough for it to be necessary to do renovations.

“Nothing else got affected but the kitchen, but due to the smoke damage, we had to redo everything,” Stone said.

Luckily nobody working in the Lewis and Clark’s restaurant nor anyone else was injured.

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The Fire Isn’t Dire