Lewis and Clark Change Up

Sophomores take a field trip to the Lewis and Clark Career Center

November 28, 2016


Danielle Kitchen

On Nov. 17-18 sophomores got to experience students at Lewis and Clark working

For over 45 years Lewis and Clark Career Center has trained students in the five school districts in the St. Charles County. They offer a variety of programs varying from auto repair to nursing, and even child care. Lewis and Clark focuses on teaching students that are interested in career education. They want to give experience, and help students better understand the field they are interested in.

Students are usually introduced to this program around their sophomore year. There is typically a meeting hosted by the school counselors and Lewis and Clark advisors. At this meeting, they explain the program and recruit students into joining their junior year of high school. Some students take interest and join, but this year the school decided to change it up.

Not only did Lewis and Clark come to the students, the students took a field trip there. This idea was made to help students get a better view of Lewis and Clark itself.  Counselor Brad Bichel was the one organizing the event.

“We are trying to get more students interested and aware of the programs Lewis and Clark provides,” Bichel said.

After Lewis and Clark took a visit to the school, some students took interest.

“I’m very interested and I think it’s a good opportunity. I also think this field trip will be very helpful, and give me a visual of what I might be joining,” sophomore Brooke Schneider said.

Other students felt the meeting was interesting, but don’t think it is a good fit for them.

“ I think Lewis and Clark is a very good opportunity and looks fun, but i’m not really interested in any of the programs they provide,” sophomore Ally Gibson said.Bichel feels this field trip will be successful, and if so, he will plan to continue this field trip in future years.

The field trip was held on Nov. 17-18, and it seemed to be a success. Students felt that actually being at Lewis and Clark had a large impact.

“Going there and seeing it in action changed my mind, because it showed much more than the information given,” sophomore Abby Booker said.

Booker is interested in the nursing program, and feels that the field trip really convinced her to join Lewis and Clark.

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