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A Magical Night

by Caitlin Phillips, Staff Writer

The Orchestra had their first concert on Thursday,  Oct. 14. The entirety of the Orchestra is split between two classes, one for mostly underclassmen, and the other for upperclassme...  Read More »

Galley Exposure

When people think of the St. Charles High Galley, t...  Read More »

Latin Dance Clubs’ Beginnings

In the beginning of September, Spanish teacher Edga...  Read More »

Time To Shine

After last year’s huge show with people falling ...  Read More »

Wootten Temporarily Returns

by Justin Scofield, Webmaster

On Sept. 20 guidance counselor Katie Schweitzer left on maternity leave after the birth of her two twin daughters, Emma and Olivia Schweitzer. In her place while she is absen...  Read More »

October 13, 2016

Recent People Stories

Population Expansion

  This year there are 249 freshmen joining our bustling hallways. The mul...  Read More »

Theater’s New Teacher

When students walk into new theater teacher Courtney LaChance-Denton’s classroom ...  Read More »

Coming Home

Courtney Hodges has come back to her old high school for more than just a re...  Read More »

Broadway Night More Than Alright

by Maddi Thornton, Staff Writer

On Oct. 8 the Broadway Night performance was a grand slam according to choir teachers and members. “I’m very proud  of how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time,...  Read More »

October 20, 2016

Recent Entertainment Stories

Favorite & Most Visited NEW Restaurants In St.Charles

In a poll of 111 students at St.Charles High school, these are their opinions...  Read More »

  • Taking A Knee

    Around the time of the commotion about schools requiring students to do the Pledge of Allegiance everyday, more drama has surfaced. Quarterback for th...

  • Sweeping Changes

    Sweeping Changes

The student news site of St. Charles High School
The student news site of St. Charles High School